Sunday, April 6, 2008

This Does A Mom's Heart Good!


Debbie said...

Gina! Thanks for stopping by my blog this made me laugh, out loud and hard. I immediately did my next post about you de-lurking...all in the name of sibling rivalry. I will stop by again when I have more time. Thanks for the laugh and for letting my know you stopped by!

mer said...

I love this picture. We're big readers around here, and I actually have a couple of posts in my head along this line!

Anyway, it's a super cute pic!

Trish said...

Cute picture, I love that Libby is reading with Jonah!!
I'm glad you mad it home safely...I woke up at about 2:45 am and wondered if you had made it!
Thanks for coming down this weekend. We had lots of fun!
Have a great spring break week....take the kids out to the cool park at Kayak point one day, that is fun!
Love you.....even though you dumped out my crunchy ice!!