Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring Break, Day 5

Today no one had to do any slaving away except me. I had to pay my household bills and enter all that stuff that I did at The Children's Museum into Quick Books.
We met Grandma and then we went to the Woodland Park Zoo. Grandma brought our cousins Olivia and Baby Darius. By the time we got to the zoo we had to feed the wild animals- not the ones in the cages. After lunch we had about 3 hours to see the zoo. I never feel like I have enough time since I only go once or twice a year, but 3 hours is about all the littler ones can manage.
I let the kids ride the carousel for the first time. It really wasn't worth the $2/head, but since I only laid out $10 for the entire day, I figured it was OK.
My mom and I got together with my sisters last May and went to the zoo. For the cost of getting all of us into the zoo on that one day, my mom and I bought a membership. It paid for itself on the first trip. Also, because the zoo is still operating on winter hours, the parking was free. It was a perfect day at the zoo.

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Trish said...

Whoa Nelly, I haven't seen Darius since November......he's a chunky monkey. He looks almost as big a Jonah?

Trish said...

Oh yeah, the zoo looks fun!!! Glad you were able to go. Good job on your spring break adventures. However, Chuck E Cheese does not sound like an adventure to me.....of course I call it chuckEhell anyway.........

okay, sorry about all the cussin.....i'll stop now!!

Gina said...

#1- Darius is much shorter than JoJo.:P
#2- I have vowed never to go to Chuck E cheese on the weekend. The last time I did, I left with a migraine. Mid week, midday is doable, though.
#3- You're right about the people Oprah is misleading, but I have a hard time feeling anything for her. She was raised as the daughter of a Baptist preacher. She knows the Truth.
#4- I want to hear about Dave's new job.

Debbie said...

Great pics...but they made me dizzy!