Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

What I Did Do Last Week

So, I really did get in my car, drink a few Dr. Peppers, stop at the store to pick a few things up, and drive to Idaho. I even wore a bra on the trip- but then I changed into my swimsuit and I was wet for the rest of the week.

Our oldest was at camp for the week, the 2 youngest were at Papa and Grandma's house, and the middle children, Sebastian and I, and our friend met up with some other river nuts in Idaho and had ourselves a grand week long adventure drifting down the Salmon and Snake rivers.

We had a great time. It was sunny and warm to hot the entire time. In the evenings, warm breezes blow down the canyon. By 9 pm, you might think about pulling off your swimsuit and putting on pants, a tank top, and maybe a sweatshirt.

Immediately after we pulled off the river, we began talking about what we should tweak for when we do it again next year- and making sure that 4 of our 5 kids are available the week we do it.

Click to play this Smilebox photobook: Salmon River 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

What I Didn't Do This Week

I didn't:
  • Flip a single light switch up or down
  • Read any blogs
  • Read any e-mails
  • Read any FB status updates
  • Talk to anyone on any type of phone
  • Watch any movies
  • Watch any TV
  • Listen to any music
  • Drive or ride in any motorized vehicle
  • Use any appliance that required a battery or electricity
  • Stay up past 10 pm
  • Get up later than 8 am
  • Wear a bra
  • Shower
  • Put on deodorant
  • Wear any socks
  • Flush a toilet
  • Drink a single Starbucks grande iced coffee- thankyouverymuch.
  • Eat out
  • Spend any money
  • Talk to over half of my kids

So, does anyone care to guess what I did do?

Family, you are excluded.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

File This Under, "Um...OK...."

The kids were playing with the garage door. Push the button, door up. Push the button, door down. Up.Down.Up.dDown.Up.Down.Up...
I went to yell at them and saw my 4 year old dangling from the handle 6 feet from the concrete floor- with his sister waining for her turn.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

To The Good People At Target

I know you had a million other things to do yesterday, so I want to thank you for dropping everything and looking for my cute purse. It really is cute, too. It is straw-y and is all the colors of Rainbow Sherbet. Anyway, you all went over the top to make sure I was once again reunited with my cute little "ice cream" purse with my driver's license, debit card, check book and gas credit card inside. I really do appreciate the concern that went into trying to locate it. I'm sure I looked stricken when I didn't find it in your store. On my way out to re-check my van I even looked in your garbage cans in the front. No dice.
Lucky for me, I always stuff my car keys and cell phone in my pocket. That's how I happened to have them when a slow dawning began in my brain. I'm talking about the realization that I had brought my purse into the house to give someone a check in the morning, and quite possibly, my sherbet cuteness was there even now. Thank you for waiting patiently while I called the neighbor girl to check. Thank you for not hating me when she called back to say it was there. I know you all talked about me for the rest of the day in the break room, but I am ok with that. At least you were nice to me to my face in my time of duress.
Anyway, thanks for trying to process my order with my alternate check book- which I happened to find under the seat of my car- and no ID. I know it is not your fault that the system rejected my check. I really think your system has a space cadet sensor... Thank you for suspending my transaction and getting it all finished for me when I returned an hour later with said yummy cuteness.
It is really good to know that you all are on top of things.
The crazy lady with 4 kids, 4 pairs of shoes, various socks and underwear, and a stack of Sterilite bins

P.S. My husband couldn't believe I went back to the same Target. He said he would have gone to the other one and re-shopped. Clearly he has never shopped with our children.