Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring Break, Day 1

I decided to take a cue from my sister, Trish, and do a Spring Break Adventure every day of the week. Each adventure being free or cheap. And only after the kiddos finish a project around the house.

Yesterday it was to clean out, vacuum, and wash the car. Admittedly, we drove through the carwash- but the weather was way too crummy to stand outside and get wet! Besides, the car wash is a treat in it's own right. we pulled out of the carwash and Jonah hollered from the back seat, "Let's do that again!"

Then we went and had pizza, buy one, get one free. After pizza we bought all the stuff to make ice cream sundaes and took the jaunt to my friend Karen's to play in their hot tub and eat way too much sugar. We also got some hair maintenance done- since we were there and all....


mer said...

I love your Spring Break Adventure idea! And free/cheep always works for me.

Yep, you're welcome to link to me. Thanks for asking!

Can't wait to see what fun adventures the rest of your week holds.


Trish said...

Good Job!! That looks like perfect fun especially for kids who swim like bricks ;-)
What did today bring?

BTW, my husband got a new job.....I'll post about it soon.