Sunday, April 6, 2008

Special Tuesday, Part 1

This is my most recent Special Tuesday. We had a spring tea with a spring clean theme. This is the one that we did the closet redo at, as well.

On Special Tuesday it is my job to:
Arrange the decor

And the food

And the entertainment/ guest speaker.

It is a HUGE job. Luckily for me I have a great committee. We did 4 Special Tuesdays this year. The first was a harvest party at the beginning of October. On Veteran's Day in November we did "The Bite of MOPs" with the theme being the 50 states. Each small group picked a state to represent and then prepared food and decorations to go with it. In December we had our Christmas Brunch (Not my job) and our Christmas break. In February we had a "Death By Chocolate" day all planned out and then the power went out! If there is no power, there is no MOPs. Well, we just had to eat all the yummy food and go home. Then we had the last one on April 1st. This one. In May we will have our Spring Brunch (Again, not my job.) and then break for the summer.

Enjoy the pictures of Special Tuesday.

Hope you had fun!

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