Tuesday, April 8, 2008

And In No Particular Order, Part 4

Some one once told me that 5 is the number of grace. I believe that. Since God thought I needed 5 kids, I'm glad He was graceful enough to make that 5th one Jonah. Jonah Sebastian. He's all hugs and hisses, squealing laughter and mischief. From the start he has been so easy for everyone in the family to love. In fact, the kids often argue about who's turn it is to play with, bathe, sleep with, feed, hold, sit by, take to Sunday school, pick up from daycare, or otherwise mother/father Jonah. I'm OK with that.

Jonah is 3 years old, but frankly he thinks he's either 5 or 7 (Like his sisters). This year I have one day of the week that only Jonah is home. That is the day I run all over town because he is just so stinkin' good most of the time!

Since JoJo is my baby he tends to get away with too much stuff- all with a twinkle in his eye, or a hug for me, or a warm snuggle. He is the only child that even thinks to sit on the counters. Since he was about 9 months old I have been setting him beside me on the kitchen counter, never concerned that he would wiggle his little self off. Now at 3, he parks himself on the counter just to watch and be near me. He is the only child that has been allowed to sleep in my bed. He just snuggles right in and goes to sleep. With all the children we were hyper vigilant about always putting them to bed awake and in their own bed. When Jonah moved out of the crib he found his way into my bed every night- and there he stayed. He usually starts in his own bed- and ends in mine. Sometimes I don't remember him coming in!

Jonah loves to play in mud puddles, and somehow I don't mind too much! He loves to go to Sunday school. I love that! He likes to go to daycare- it makes him feel big to go to "school" 1 1/2 days a week. He loves everyone of us with a heart so big that I don't understand how it could fit in that tiny body!

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Trish said...

He is SOOOOOOOOO cute. I think I fell in love with him last weekend!!
Not that I didn't love him before, but now I know him and really LOVE him!