Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Break, Day 3

After the kids picked up the junk in the main living areas, they headed up to the Family room. If you remember, in an earlier post I did mention I had trouble spots. Well , this is the major one! The kids play and watch movies up there and the only time I ever venture up there is late in the evening, once in a while, to watch a movie. And then I'm too tired to clean it or to make them clean it.
It really didn't take that long to clean the family room. About 30 minutes.
At 1:30 we headed for Red Robin, Yum, to eat lunch. The kids all had a free kid's meal coupon from my dad's chiropractic office, so we ate for the cost of my meal.
When we were done eating lunch we went to Chuck E Cheese. For those of you east of the Mississippi, I think it's called Showbiz Pizza. It's kinda like the whole Best Foods/Hellman's thing. My mom had given us 40 tokens that she had for some reason, and we used some super coupons. We got 200 tokens for $25. The meant for the whole day I spent just $5 on each kid! Our friends Karen and kids came down and played too. By the time we got to Chuck E Cheese they were out of school for the day. We had a great time playing!

Mom, can I have another penny?

Libby was pretty good at this one- she made it in the cup a couple of times and got "this close" to getting a jackpot.

Abby liked the virtual jump rope. Of course she likes the real jump rope, too.

I'm not sure what Caleb's favorite game was. I managed to get a picture of him holding still here.

I never got a shot of Jesse because he was off hanging out with his friend Allyson.


Karen said...

This was fun. Thanks for letting us tag along!
Steve and I just lied in bed (on top of the covers) and listened to your music- very nice selections.

Debbie said...

Hi Gina! I have been to Chuck E. Cheese once when I was single and took my nephew. We do have one close to our house. Ask me how many times I have taken my kids? ZERO! I'm afraid to go back after the first time. Don't worry, my kids haven't been deprived. My Mom has taken them...they got strep throat three days later. True story. Now I need to go read about the rest of your spring break!

Debbie said...

Ok, I'm back...I started at the beginning of your blog and read through just about every post. Your family is just precious. I love that you devoted a post to each of your kids. I think I am going to do that...I keep a list of blog ideas and that is one I need to do. Also, I am amazed, actually awed by your organizational skills. The color coding, the discipline, your would be dead with five kids. Wow wow wow. I am going to link you up...because I totally need to follow your story...You and your sister are awesome...and I love the sibling rivalry being played out in the blogosphere!

Debbie said...

Oh and I totally AGREE with what you said about the Pirates" Who Don't Do Anything" Movie...totally watered down, no disappointing.

Gina said...

Are you talking about the new kid music I put on? Funny if you are. This being kid post week and all, I decided to put kid music on. Good kid music- classics!

Thanks for all the comments. Thanks for reading the WHOLE blog. The first post is actually something I submitted to our MOPs newsletter. I was telling Trish about it and she decided I needed a blog. I e-mailed the article to her and here we are today.

Trish said...

See, she follows me everwhere!!!!