Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring Break, Day 2

First thing today (technically yesterday), I helped the kids clean their rooms and they helped me clean mine. With 3 boys in one room and 2 girls in the other they tend to get pretty funky between cleanings. Actually, I call what we did today "tossing" the rooms. I don't know where that comes from, but it involves changing all the bedding, cleaning out drawers, crawling under beds, reaching deep into closets, and, of course, tossing A LOT of stuff.

Then we went to the Children's Museum. I had actually wanted to do this yesterday, but silly me, we got all the way there just to find it closed. I KNEW that. So we went today.
While I did this:

Payed my business bills

My kids did this:
Played Store

Drove The Semi

Played In The Sand Box

Fished In The River

Directed Movies

Loaded And Operated The Crane

And Played Dress-up

Actually it was at this point that another mother commented
how nice it was to see older kids like my son who weren't
too cool to play.She said he was being a very nice boy
and was impressed with the way he played with his sister.
Yeah, he has his moments.
On our way out we paused for a picture on the semi which
actually sticks out of the store front window.

I had intended to use our family pass to get into the children's museum today,
but as it turns out it was Community Free Day today, so even though
it was free either way, we came away with our family pass
to use a different time. Total Cost for the Children's museum: $0.

After the museum we went and played a game of mini golf.

The course is in a storefront in the outlet mall.
Nothing spectacular, but it was fun none the less.
A little friendly competition is good now and then.

They played. I kept score.

A friend told me that Tuesdays were only $2 per game.
Actually JoJo was only $1, so that brought our golf total to $9.

Thanks Mom!

*** Caleb wants you to know that he won the mini golf tournament***

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