Monday, May 19, 2008

Today I Ate....

1 grande light coffee Frapuccino- Breakfast at 10:45.
1 can of cheddar Pringles shared with Jonah- Lunch at 2:30.
That counts, Right?
Oh, yeah- 1 birth control pill and 2 Wellbutrin. Are those food?
I don't feel so good. I'm gonna go have some dinner- maybe a Pop-Tart and a Coke.

Really, dinner was a chicken drumstick, salad, and couscous. I feel better now.


Karen said...

You are so crazy!!! I remember you telling me once that I had too many snacks in my house. (Steve's lunch stuff that the kids got into behind my back)Today you take the cake- OK that was figurtive!!!
Take care of yourself- I love you too much to have you sick for your birthday!!!!May 28th everyone!!!(that is the day right?!?)

mer said...

Interesting diet!

The pringles and coffee are my kind of food!

Hey, I tried Wellbutrin for about 3 months and nothing changed. I'm wondering if the dosage was off because you take 2??? Interesting.

Gina said...

I take 2 at 75 mg, I have a stronger prescription, the doc gave me this one in case 150 was too much- then I could just take 1. When this one runs out I will fill the 150.

Lula! said...

Hi--thanks for stopping by mine, and I'm glad I found you. Poptarts and Coke are a staple around here. Admission is one step towards recovery, right?

Can't speak on the Wellbutrin, but I can say that Lexapro is wonderful. When I took it a few years ago, I lovingly called it "My Happy Pills." They work.

Oh, and we have to be BFFs 'cause you have my all-time favorite duo in the wide world singing on your blog. Feelin' groovy...indeed!

Debbie said...

Oh there's nothing like a poptart with a diet coke ;) What's Wellbutrin? What's Lexapro, Lula? I'm clueless. But you knew that anyway.