Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Today when I got up, I was the happy recipient of a beautiful bouquet of roses, 2 new books (Bringing Up Boys & Mothers And Sons), and a Trader Joe's box of chocolate covered raspberry sticks. I'm so glad I got a few of those before my kids scarfed them all down!
I posted a list of things I would like to have since Mother's Day, my birthday, and my anniversary are all in May. Just thought I'd make it easy for them. Silly me, I didn't even realize that the book page had disappeared with my boys yesterday!
We ate a leisurely breakfast which made us too late to even attempt church.
We headed to town to solve tomorrow's dress-up dilemma.
We went to a family get together at my sister's house.
It was a good day.
Now I have to take out the trash. I guess Mother's Day is over at sundown....


Heather said...

It sounds like a lovely Mother's Day. I have to laugh because for me it was over at dinner time. Oh well, at least I got breakfast out of the deal.

Debbie said...

No no year, your kids shall take out the trash for you. It is YOUR day for 24 hours. End of story ;)

Gina said...

Well, Yes, the kids do remove the trash from the house, but I haul it out to the curb on Sunday night. They bring in the empty cans and bins from the street on Monday afternoon. I guess there are a few of them that could handle this task by now.

mer said...

Glad you had a day filled with fun and surprises!