Saturday, May 10, 2008

Girls Day Out Followed By Girls Night In.

My girls and I went junking today. We hit 6 stores. We got some great junk. The purpose of the trip was to find some stuff to dress up for career day at school, but some side purchases are always fun, too.

I got this:
I just couldn't resist it. I like it. And it was never actually used. It has a couple of scars like it was kicking around in someone's garage for a while, but the original frame filler is still inside.
$4.99. Oh yeah, baby!

Libby bought this basket:

$.69. Sweet!

She also got a new pencil pouch out of the clearance bin at Office Depot for $.75. She's a good bargain shopper.

Abigail also bought a cute little basket. Her big score of the day, though, was the little tubes of glitter paint. They were marked at $.29 each. She didn't have quite that much so she picked out 6 tubes (should have been $1.74 plus tax) and marched to the front and asked for a deal,. It helps to be 5. And cute. And bold. She got all 6 tubes for a dollar flat.

We came home and the boys suddenly had some "mystery stuff" to do, so the 4 of them took off in our car. The girls and I rode out bikes to Jack In The Box and had dinner. Since we biked 2 miles that sorta cancelled all those calories, right?

When we came home the "not twins" decided to play dress up. Aren't they cute? One is a munchkin. The other is a blackbird. Yeah, I can see that.

Oh, and by the way, Libby gets bragging rights today for finding this little car.
My nephew has a collection of these Chevron cars- with a custom built shelf to house them. Most of them were bought by Aunt Kris. She keeps a print out of all the cars and crosses them off when she finds a new one. It's getting hard to find a car that he doesn't have- even for Kris, the thrift store queen. HA HA! Libby found one today!

And now, here I sit blogging away.

The girls are waiting for me to finish so I can go watch a movie with them. See you later.
Happy Mother's Day!


Debbie said...

Ok...I thought I had been checking daily to see if you had a new post...and today I see you have a jillion new posts that I missed. WHY???? So now I must sit down and read! And who took the picture???

Gina said...

Abigail took the picture. Actually, she took about 7 before I let her keep one.

Trish said...

Your nephew saw that picture and said "is that tawr foe me?"
(he started speech therapy last week ;-))

Gina said...

Coop, Watch the mail foe yo tawr.
Love, Auntie Gina