Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to Gina

Yes, it's her birthday today.

No, this is not her writing this, it's me, Trish. I hijacked her blog!
(remember i set it up in the first place, now go change your password Gina!)

Happy birthday to my formerly obnoxious and annoying little sister, who has grown up to be a not so annoying or obnoxious friend. You are a fabulous mom, a great sister and a wonderful friend! I love you.

This is where I wish I could insert some adorable picture of us together as children, but I can't seem to find one...........



Gina said...

Hey thanks, Trish. Now I just have to clean my own house, make my own brownie cake, and cook my own birthday dinner- but not toot my own horn, because you already did that for me.
By the way, Debbie, I thing 33 is the new 33!

Cookie said...

Happy Birthday my dear friend! Forever 29 right?!

mer said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Gina!

I did NOT realize that you two were sisters! How fun is that?

Are you really 33???

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday!!! 33!!! NO, 44 is the new 33! And when you are my age you will love that ;)

Karen said...

Happy Birthday!!!
I can't wait to go celebrate you!!!
I am glad we were introduced and became friends even though we were both cranky at the time!!!
We've made it through several cranky phases- mostly when we were pregnant, always supporting each other with chocolate, and chips and salsa, oops, I can't forget the cups of coke filled to the brim with little ice.
God has created you like no other and He has made great things happen through you!!!