Thursday, May 15, 2008

Help Me Out, Ladies

OK, Sebastian, quit reading this post. Now. Turn it off. That's right.
Ladies, my anniversary is on the 24th, and I have no idea what to get for my husband!
This is our 11th year. Last year was easy. I got us new bands. His was lost and mine irritated my finger. But this year I am at a complete loss. HELP!
We are planning a whitewater rafting trip. We want to buy a raft so we can do the river in the summer, and as the kids get bigger we will move onto harder stuff. You know, a good family activity. I am in charge of finding a nice place to stay.
I made the gift thing easy this year. I made a list and posted it on the fridge. He is very hard, though. He doesn't wear man jewelry. Even the new band sits in its box because it is too dangerous to wear it on the job. He is extremely picky about clothes, and I have all but given up trying to find anything for him. I don't know enough about his other hobbies to even try to find a piece of gear for him. He's a mountain man and I'm a Starbucks girl.


Debbie said...

Oh this is hard. Does he have a place that the goes to to buy his mountain man gear? Maybe you could get a gift certificate. Or what about taking him out on a date...just the two of you for dinner and a movie or whatever. Or what about a watch? A new cell phone? An Ipod? A new TV...they all like those toys. Or what about a new tool? Just throwing out ideas!

mer said...'s my best idea.

Karen said...

Steve and I don't normally spend as much money as you do on eachother. SO.. I usually just get him something small,new tape measure, new watch, gift card etc., and then write a sappy card telling him how happy I am to be his wife etc. It is a good time to look back and remember what you've come through. I also have a great poem that i can give you a copy of. You could type it up onto cool paper and frame it.