Monday, May 19, 2008

Feelin' Groovy

I had a great weekend. On Saturday we had family breakfast and then we dinked around for a little while. Sebastian put the baby bike seat that I found while I was out garage saleing onto the bike we bought at Goodwill. It is an awesome set up for a mere $55!
We took a family bike ride. We rode the paved trail by our house to the park, played on the playground, rode on the skateboard ramps a little (Where some eight year old worm said, "Hi, Libby." with a dopey look on his face. Then I needed to leave before my precious baby grew up and got married there in the park!) and rode to the store for lunch. After lunch we rode another mile or so to a really lame park with a really cool creek. Since it was about 90 degrees outside, and since we had ridden about a mile or so UPHILL, we managed to all get soaked up to our armpits. Me just to my business- but that was totally unintentional. I had planned to stay dry. My crazy husband and sons were actually riding their bikes down stream- trying to see who could make it through the deep spots without falling over! After about an hour and a half we rode the two or so miles home- all downhill this time. What a great time!
On Sunday we went to the second service at church. A first for us, since we are always late to third service. It was nice because there were much fewer people there. I guess they're all rushing madly to make it to third service. I just may become a second service gal full time!
We had crepes with sweetened cream cheese filling and homemade raspberry syrup for lunch. I should serve that more often. EACH of my kids thanked me for lunch. Then we bummed around the house. Jesse mowed the lawn for me, and the middler kids and I weeded about 1/3 of my flower bed. Yes that was singular. I only have one. It's the most that I can't manage right now. Sunday was also only about 80 degrees, and overcast. Nice.
The weather today was cool. It was about 75 degrees and sprinkling. Which made it muggy. Which made me think that at any moment we could have one of those good ol' southern thunderstorms with flash flooding in the streets. Then I remembered where I live.
Today I swam at tinytot swim at the gym with Jonah. Then we ran all over kingdom come for the rest of the day. We went North to Walmart and Target and the Sprint store and made it home in time for Jesse to be done with school. Then when the middler kids came home we headed South to go to my dad's chiropractic office to get our heads screwed on straight. We also went to The Pharmacy (if you lived around here that's what you would call it instead of it's full name- really, there's only one in my parents downtown area.) to get some supplies that I couldn't find anywhere else for our first aid kits, what with summer coming and all.
Can I just say that I love the sunshine? It makes me feel so happy. Just so darn Groovy.


mer said...

I heart sunshine too...and bike rides...and early church. Errands? Not so much.

Your crepes sound delicious. Now I'm hungry!

Kris said...

I hope that you did not do your business at Tiny-Tot swim!

Debbie said...

Dinkin? "Me just to my bidness?" Wha? Huh? When you said "dinkin" my mind went somewhere else. The other statement still has me perplexed. That whole Libby-proposal-in-your head CRACKED ME UP!! Sounds like a Fun fun day anyways.

Right now I am hating that word verification thing... I have tried to get it right a couple of times...

Staci said...

linked to your page from mindless junque....i LOVE garage sales and mom has her whole house furnished pratically from garage sales and goodwill refurbished stuff!! love fact it is 8am and i am thinkin about hittin the sales now.....with my starbucks nonfat white choc mocha of course, that i will pay more money for than anything i buy at the houses in the neighborhood!!! love your blog