Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Career Day

Yesterday was Career Day at school. THIS is why I went junking on Saturday.

Not Twin #1 went to school as an artist.

Not Twin #2 went as a doctor. The sour face is because she was suddenly afraid that no one else would be dressed up.

Caleb went as a baseball player. He originally wanted to go as a soldier. For some odd reason, though, there is NO second hand camo to be had. Kinda strange since there seems to be "no support" for the current war. I'm just sayin'....

Later in the afternoon , Libby was honored as Student of the Month for her 2nd grade class. Go Picassa! She's looking kinda rough this far into the afternoon! They should do these assemblies in the morning. It would definitely make for better photos!


Heather said...

They all look so cute!! I'm sure your son would really appreciate me calling him cute. Cool. He looks super cool.

mer said...

Oh good, you're a costume mom. Maybe you can help me figure out how to outfit my son as a British soldier. Actually the $20 costume rental fee is sounding quite reasonable at the moment. I am SO challenged when it comes to costumes.

Your kids look adorable! My daughter was an artist one year for halloween and had a similar costume!

And congrats on the student of the month award--that's very exciting!

Gina said...

My son would be TOTALLY mortified if he had to wear it, but...
White tights, white leggings, mens blue suit vest, red suit jacket with a white ribbon X sewn or glued on the front, white dress shirt (women's, kinda puffy sleeves) and black dress shoes preferably with buckles-
Actually, though, if you have to get all of that, even secondhand, it could be as much as the $20 costume rental.