Saturday, March 14, 2009

Freaky-Smart Children Scare Me

Jonah's changing table was the top of his dresser. Since he was born there has been a plaque above his dresser with his name in wooden letters that are painted bright colors. After a diaper change I would hold him so he could touch the letters, or when he got bigger, he would stand on the dresser and touch them. As he would touch them I would guide his hand along them and tell him the name of each letter.

This year he has been begging me for "work" since Jesse is always being told to focus on his work. I drug out the preschool books I have. I have used these with each of my kids to some degree. I really like them. There is another series that comes after these that is a little more complex- but I loaned them out and they didn't come back- so I guess I will have to buy them again.

Anyway the books that Jonah is working on are written by an old order Amish author. They are SO cute. They tell stories about obedient Amish children who hang their coats and shine their boots, help Mother with the dishes, and help Father with the animals on the farm. I love fiction.

You can get these here.

They have great activities in them. Like this:

(All the better if you color them with one of your sister's multicolor crayola maker crayons)

The bottom page cracked me up because even though I do own all of these items, some of mine take batteries or plug in. And I guess he's never seen me hand stitch before, because he couldn't tell me what a thimble is for.

Except Jonah is burning through them.


And then, yesterday, he got out his Leapfrog magnetic alphabet toy. And found all the letters to spell his name. And put them on the fridge. In order.

So today I handed him a pencil and asked him if he could write his name.

Apparently, he can.


SpaGirl Jenn said...

Awww. How old is he???? I have seen those books!!! Funny thing is that my kids grandpa and his family were Amish until his grandpa was my daughter's age...about 9!

Lee Ann said...

It's amazing what they learn even when we don't "teach" it to them. Just shows they're always learning. What smart boy!

Brenda Jean said...

Wow, AWESOME Jonah! I wish I had some of those books when my kids were small. I sent my middle son to preschool at 4 and regretted it. My oldest and youngest didn't go. If I had to do it over I'd teach them at home, at least for preschool.