Thursday, March 5, 2009

Don't Shoot!

I was driving along today (on my way home from the accountant's office) when I tuned in to the small ramblings in my backseat.

The short boy was playing with his newly-found-at-Grandma's-house Happy Meal toy that shoots some sort of penguins:
"Don't shoot me!  I'm too cute to be shooted!"

Why, yes, Short Guy, you are.


Other than that folks, I'm drawing a total blank and I need your help.  What do you want me to blog about?


David (BIL) Brother in law:) said...

I actually really like your political fodder.

Britt said...

Yes, buddy .. too cute to even be shooted with a penguin =-)

Honestly, everything you write has interested me.

Wow, I read that and it sounded so .. brown-nosey. But it's true!

Lula! said...

I agree with David...even though he enters homes univited and acts like he owns the joint...

I do like the political stuff. But mostly 'cause, like you, I'm a member of that Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

Brenda Jean said...

This post makes me smile. He is too dang cute to get shot by penquins!