Monday, March 9, 2009

For The Record

I don't know what my sisters were thinking.  One of them should have married a Buford or something.  But, no.  They both married a Dave/David.

One of them goes by Dave, the other by David.  We can keep them straight- but the outside world seems to have a little trouble with that.

Trish, of goggle fame, married Dave.  Dave is the one who pulled the little Christmas visit stunt.

Angie married David, who doesn't blog -but should, and who also left me my first comment ever (On this post), and who faithfully reads my blog and tells me how funny this or that was.

OK, Everybody all straight now?  Good.


Britt said...

My dad's oldest sister is named Pamela .. but my grandpa isn't the best speller, so they called her Pam. And the rest of their children were named Ann, Dan, and Don. Period .. Not Anna, not Danny, not Donald.

But my dad is always getting called Donald, Donny ect. Drives me crazy.

Oh! But the reason I commented that in the first place *random* .. My aunt Ann married a Dan. So my dad's brother got stuck being called Danny.

Trish said...

did you get spammed even with word verification on?

Brenda Jean said...

I hear ya on name confusion. Cousin Amy married Matt, her brother is also a Matt. They try to go with Matt and Little Matt (her husband is skinny) but no one sticks to that, so I never know which one they are talking about. BAHAHAHA