Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Post MOPs Letdown

Well, today was my second Special Tuesday. I feel like it went very well.
Today was The Bite of MOPs- much like The Bite of Seattle only on a much smaller scale. Our theme was the 50 States. Each of our small groups picked a state to represent, and decorated their area to match. They also made and served food from their state. Yum!
Because today was the first Tuesday following Veteran's Day, I gave the event a patriotic spin. I decorated all the tables with red, white and blue tablecloths. Each table had a flag standing in the middle of it. The podium was wrapped in a patriotic bunting and there was a display of flags in front of it.
We started our morning with 4 of the cutest boy scouts presenting the colors. After the morning business items were taken care of I gave a short history on Veteran's Day. I had a guest speaker today also. He is an area business man who is recently retired after 25 years of service in the Navy. He spoke about supporting the "Home front", wives and families left behind while the soldiers are on deployment, and how much it meant to him to know that his family was looked after while he was gone.
Then it was all food and a trivia game!
After all the preparation for these mornings and the buzz of activity, coming home to my (relatively) quite house makes me want to put on my jammies, drink some hot chocolate, and go to sleep until tomorrow! I wish.
What I actually do is: change my clothes, call my friend Kelly, drink more Coke or coffee, and start to clean my sadly neglected house.
I just called our self appointed official photographer and she assures me that I will have pictures for you soon. I will post those as soon as I get them so you will have a reference to all of my ramblings.
OK, gotta go. There's a stack of dirty dishes and a can of Coke calling my name....

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Pictures, Pictures we want pictures!!!