Sunday, November 4, 2007

And In No Particular Order... (Part 2)

Elizabeth Iuliana
Yes, that's her up there.
That's my Libby-beth
Libby is our first girl. She's child 3 in the grand order.
Before Elizabeth was even born I had her name picked out. I never even considered any boy names. By the way, we're not peekers.
Elizabeth comes from the Old Testament. She is the mother of John the Baptist and the cousin of Mary. Elizabeth means "God is my oath." Her middle name, Iuliana, was picked by my mother in law. It translates to Julianna.
I had to think long and hard about the nickname, though, since I've never met a Liz or Beth I actually liked- Oh, wait there is one Beth. Sorry to the rest of you Liz's and Beth's I've never met . So Libby she is.
Libby is every one's favorite. All the kids beg her to play with them only- not the other brothers or sister. I guess that is good for her. She is the sweetest most lovable girl in the world. Libby is always looking out for other people. When we hike she has a tendency to be last- not because she couldn't be first, but just because she wants to make sure no one else gets left behind. That's just her nature. She will always stop what she is doing if her baby brother asks for something.
Libby is in second grade this year. She went to kindergarten at a local preschool when she was four because she missed the school district's secondary age cut off but was ready too go to school. She then went right into first grade where her brother was waiting for her.
That's an interesting story. When Libby was born, Caleb was 16 months old. He was walking but not talking, and not anywhere near being potty trained. He seemed to stop for a while. It was almost as if he was waiting for her to catch up. The potty trained together, started talking together- eventually I had to tell her to stop talking for him- and even learned to read together. When Libby was 16 months old Abby came along. They didn't bother to wait for her.
Libby is pure determination and spunk. If anyone can do anything, she an do it,too. And she'll prove it. Just look back at those pictures. She wasn't the first one to rope up that day, but by golly, she was the first one to reach the bolt at the end of the rope! Twice!
The school district does a cheer clinic twice a year where all the little girls get to cheer at a high school varsity game with the varsity cheer leaders. Libby absolutely loves doing that. She's pretty sure that she will be the captain of the varsity cheer squad as a freshman! I keep telling her that she is the one who will be on the top of every pyramid and the one to be thrown in the air for every basket toss because at 6 3/4 years old she weighs about 38 lbs. Her doc is not worried because somebody has to be on the bottom of the chart. And she does keep growing in the 10th percentile....
Libby is a pony tail, a pair of jeans and a skinned up elbow.
She is a cuddle on the couch whenever I am able.
She's a bed time prayer and a hug and a kiss.
She's a basketball thrown that will never miss.
She's a smile and a laugh, a pat on the back,
and a, "Go get 'em, girl!" because I know she is able.