Friday, November 2, 2007

Huh, how'd that get there?

I find stuff in funny places.

I was just cleaning up after dinner and I found the paper wrapper to tonight's butter in the tupperware cabinet. It got me to thinking about all the stuff I have found in wierd places.

Like the piece of polyfill stuffing I found in my then 6 year old son's nose. When I say I found it, I really mean that the smell from the front of his face drove me to make a doctor's appointment for him. He didn't say one word about it until the very point in time that the doctor pulled the rotting mess from his nostril.

Like the time, barely a week later, I found a silver bead in the nostril of his little sister. Luckily, I fiddled with her nose long enough to make her sneeze.

Like the wet diaper I found in a toy bin.

Like the two Hershey's bars I found in the huge Costco box of garbage bags earlier today. Lucky me!

Like toys in my kitchen cabinets. Video games in my dry pasta. Cerial in my shoe. Car keys under the refridgerator, inside the heat registers, in the bin of exta T.P., just about anywhere you can think of.

Now, if I could just figure out where someone put my sanity. Maybe the kids might know.


justgottalaugh said...

Was cruising around the cyber space neighborhood and found your blog. Soooo funny!!!!

Carrie said...

I found your sanity, it is on a shelf in my kitchen. I like looking at it.