Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Busy Week

Well, it's been about a week since I posted anything. I think that's a new record for me. Thanksgiving was fun. Our huge family got together for the day. From my parents down to our children there are 33 of us when we all get together. If you want to read all about Thanksgiving at my parent's house you can read Trish's blog.
On Friday we had our Rosebrook Family Quarterly Birthday Party. Since there are now 19 grandchildren we wised up about 5 years ago and started lumping the kids together according to which quarter of the year their birthday falls in and they all celebrate on the same day. The parents plan something fun together and split the cost. Only family is invited to come. This time it was Jonah's turn. He was turning three.
This quarter we rented out Jungle Playland. It was a lot of fun since our "Big Kids" who are from 13 to 17 years old are too old to play under normal circumstances. Also, since it was just our family there we didn't have to worry about our little kids too much. We sat around and talked and played cards while the kids played on the equipment.

By Saturday my husband was chomping at the bit for something to do so he started fixing various large holes in our plaster. About a year ago we had a large snowfall. We got more than a foot of snow in our yard- which is unheard of, since we live AT sea level, very close to the water. In the next week we developed an ice dam which started melting into our house. Oops. I had 3 foot long cones of paint hanging from my ceiling.

Sebastian broke into the ceiling to determine if it was an ice dam or a burst pipe. Ice. Well now I had a hole in the ceiling that stayed there until about February when we decided to have the plumber come and fix the plumbing that was up there. (A recent remodel made the bathtub and sink in that bathroom inoperable.) At that point we opened 2 other walls and the whole ceiling.

So now after a year I am finally getting my ceiling back. Yeah! Of course the whole dining room is being fixed so I guess I will have to paint the whole room. RATS! ;) (That is very sarcastic since I actually love to paint. I find it very gratifying.)
On Monday we had a party for Jonah's friends- since they didn't get to come to Jungle Playland. I had a Diego and Dora party for him. It turned out quite cute if I do say so my self! I downloaded coloring pages, we had an animal search, had Diego cake, Dora ice cream- Yes, Bryer's actually makes this- and I made rescue pack goody bags. Cute, huh?

A friend of mine likened our birthdays to Mardi Gras. We actually celebrate Birth Week. It just goes on and on. Always, there is the family birthday, and a friend party. We always have doughnuts for breakfast in honor of the birthday boy or girl. Since there are 7 of us , this is the only time we ever eat doughnuts, but it happens often enough! And, if one of the parties does not fall on their actual day, the child also gets to have a special dinner of their choice on that day.
I guess we get to breathe now.

The drywall guy should be showing up to finish mudding and taping Sebastian's drywall any time now so I guess that's all for now. But it's enough.

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Trish said...

Guess it's been a while since I've been to your house. I had no idea you didn't have a ceiling.
Also, where are those MOPs pictures that you promised?
Cute party bags and cake!