Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My Children Will Never...

  • Scream and throw themselves on the floor (or jump up and down- depending on age) in a store/ restaurant/ park/ at a birthday party.
  • Roll their eyes at my inherent ignorance in front of their friends.
  • Sass me and then TRY to walk away laughing with said friend.
  • Pour whole boxes/ bags of flour/ cornstarch/cereal/ chips on the floor and then draw in/ jump on/ belly crawl through said item
  • Stand to pee (especially, but not limited to, the boys).
  • Pee on the fence that separates our yard from the elementary school.
  • Pee from the window of the world's coolest fort in their very "in town" yard.
  • Throw pine cones at the police man's car while he is parked outside our fence enforcing the school zone speed limit.
  • Never, Ever plug the bathroom sink, fill it with water, stand in it fully clothed, and use their toothbrush to paint toothpaste murals on the bathroom mirror. (Last night)

Trish, Karen, what will your kids never do?


hairied mommy said...

You forgot "lock me in an upstairs room where I'd have to call to a teacher, just getting to work, to come in my house and get me out!!"

Gina said...

Oh yeah...
We had a night wanderer. Yhe lock was on the outside of the door- a keyed lock no less. And it wasn't just me. Everyone was in there- nobody outside the room to turn the handle. Now that I know all the teachers I wonder which it was....

Melissa said...

Had to leave a comment, because I love this post! From SITS and could echo several of these!
The one about the toothpaste is so real to me.....! Come by and visit my blog for a little story about markers!!!