Saturday, December 15, 2007

New Windows!!!!

I thought my husband had lost it when in November he said he was going to replace the windows in the girls' room.

"Shouldn't you wait for spring?!" I asked in alarm.

He assured me they would be super easy, and ordered them from the warehouse in Seattle where he happened to be working. Unfortunately they didn't come in before he finished the Seattle job. Guess who got to drive to Seattle yesterday with the 3 and 5 year olds? Me! :( I hate the city. I choose to live in podunk. I didn't get to leave until noon because I had to wait around for him to give me some paperwork for a side errand. On Friday afternoon I have to be OUT of Seattle by 1:30 if I ever hope to make it home before my kids get out of school. Otherwise I get stuck in traffic. It was a race but I made it.

I had a cookie exchange to go to last night and I decided to take my girls. When I left Sebastian had already removed the old rotting sash from the first window and was starting to install the tracks for the replacement. When we got home 2 1/2 hours later he was putting the 2nd window into place. I was going to the movies with a girlfriend, so I told the girls to go crawl into my bed until daddy was done. When I got back from the movie theater the windows were in, the girls were in their own beds, and all was quiet at my house. And warmer inside the girls room- even without the shades.

The super-cool thing is that these windows tilt in so the outsides can be washed- both the upper and lower sashes! Clean second story windows! The other great thing is that the bottom sash raises or the top sash lowers. We have extremely low window sills in the bedrooms upstairs and so could not leave the windows open on hot summer days for fear of losing a baby (because we have had a baby each year that we have lived in this house) out the second story window. Now we can just drop the top sash!

I think we will do the boys' bedroom next and then ours. Eventually we will get around to the whole house!

Ok, so you're probably thinking I sound like a nutcase- rambling in ecstasy about windows. I guess that's what comes from being the contractor's wife!

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The Pace Posse said...

Hi, Gina:
I read your blog cuz I'm friends with your sister, Trish.

I totally understand gushing about windows...and it's not cuz I'm a contractors wife, it's because I live in an older home and so anything like that is about the greatest thing to ever happen! :) We just remodeled our kitchen and I gushed about every detail...still do sometimes.