Saturday, December 15, 2007

Good Movie

Like I said,I went to see a movie last night with my friend Andreena. I love going to the movies with her because she is a night owl too, and since she is my neighbor we can just put our kids to bed and jaunt over to the movie theater.

Last night we went to see August Rush. It was such a sweet movie. Freddy Highmore is darling, Kerry Russel is beautiful, Robin Williams is kinda freaky (in a very real and manipulative way- but still lovable as his character) and the Irish guy who plays the love interest is appropriately brooding and beautiful- yes beautiful, not handsome.

The ending was a little anticlimactic, but still it was a beautiful love story.

My ten year old saw it with his dad a few weeks ago- stuck in Friday night Seattle traffic- but I don't think I would let any of the other kids watch it. It's just too mature. It is very clean and very sweet other wise. If you like chick flicks this is a good one to cuddle with your sweetie with when it comes to video- or to go see with your girlfriends as a night out.

P.S. My eyes only got a little watery a couple of times. If you're a cryer like me you can probably do this one with just one tissue- or your shirt sleeve if you don't wear make up.

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andreena said...

So I learned that miss Gina needs not to drink a whole big pop because boy OH boy did she have to go potty!! haha! She ran...I laughed all the way to the bathroom!