Friday, December 14, 2007

Feathers In My Nest

Ok, so I have the texture to do my walls. I also have the paint. What I don't have is the finished walls. Mr. Husband called Mr. Drywall back to fix some (a lot) things.
I was whining to my friend Kelly that I was tired of having my dining room table crammed into my living room and tired of looking at my empty dining room sitting. Doing nothing. Wasting its purpose. It has been a month now. It was supposed to be a week.
Now, my friend Kelly has this unique ability to call things as they are. If I am having a problem I can't really specify or if I am not sure which end is up, I usually call Kelly.
As I was having my whinefest Kelly interrupted me and said,
"Well, they're messing with your feathers."
"Your feathers. You know, the ones you line your nest with."
"Oh. Yeah, you're right."
I don't claim to be a good house keeper. In fact clean is not a state I strive for. It's more like manageable chaos. But now my feathers are ruffled, and I want them back in place!

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