Sunday, November 30, 2008

Is This Enough Suspense For You?

Here is my too small, not matching refrigerator and the entry to the pantry. Just beyond that is the entry from the back porch.

And, of course, my boys hamming it up for you.

These are the drawers that store all of my dishes. Right by the dish washer. Right where they belong.

I asked for a shelf for my pretties to make the transition from kitchen to dining room. Looks good, don'cha think?

Here's another view of that cabinet. And my tiny red wall. You had to know there would be one.

The sink cabinets, of course. The drawers to the right hold dish towels, sponges, pot holders, etc. The door to the left is the garbage and recycling, and to the left of that is a skinny cabinet with dividers to stand all my bakeware and cutting boards in. Just beyond the bakeware is the stove

This end of the island is by the garage door and the entry. The top drawer has a few batteries in it, the second drawer has fish tank cleaning supplies, and the third drawer has all of the lunch bags in it.
The other end of the island has identical drawers and they hold all of my wrap and baggies.

These are my favorite cabinets. The hold everything from the popcorn maker to the electric skillet, to the rice cooker, to table linens. These are on the sink side of the island.

The top cabinets have all of my "Too pretty to hide" dishes and all the coffee stuff. The bottoms have all my pans, cake pans, and casserole dishes. In roll out shelves. Of course.

Here is the desk area, with it's neatly contained phone books, first aid kits and other assorted junk above.

The new and improved dining-room-open-to-the-kitchen-with-matching-curtains.

And, finally, a view from the dining room into the kitchen.