Friday, November 14, 2008

Pssst, Down Here...

Hey, Guys. I wanna showed the best food dat my mom maked for dinner.
It was so yummy. She said she getted dah idea from Princess Kat- cause she maked some yummy looking stuff like dis dah udder day.
Dis is what it looked like when Mom called us to eat. She hasta yell real loud cause we never come dah first time! Mom sayed dat it was eat out of dah pantry night. I say it was good.
All of dah kids toadally liked Mom's dinners. We fink she maked good dinners tonight.

And speaking of pantries, my Aunt Kris comed over on one day dis week. Mom sayed it was Twosday. Mom was ready wif a project for Aunt Kris cause she is TOADally good at dem.

Mom finks dat dah pantry was a mess since dad broke dah kitchen. Mom sayed dat she never wanted to put dah food in here cause it wasn't acshully made for food. But she haves food in here now.

But since Aunt Kris comed and helped Mom put anodder shelf in dah pantry, all of Mom's stuffs are toadally, super neat. I fink it was nice for Aunt Kris to come over dis Twosday cause now my mom can make my yummy dinners super fast.

And see how happy dat makes me?


Britt said...

Extra shelves in the pantry, and yummy food make me happy too, little buddy!

p.s. has anyone ever told you that you are stinking cute?

Oh, they have?

All the time?

Well, add this one to the pile .. cause you are Adorable!

Gramma 2 Many said...

You can see me over on my gramma's blog too. She says she loves me the most, but I know she says that to all of her kids.
Great job Aunt Kris.

Trish said...

me fink you need speech ferapy just like Tuba.

Good thing you are both cute!

Debbie said...

He is a sweetie and you are hilairous!

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