Friday, August 8, 2008

My Current Kitchen

I decided you should all have a tour of my "kitchen."

Here you will find the prep area, and the cooking station.

You can do a lot with a BBQ and 1 burner. Really.

On this side of the kitchen is the clean up station.

If you look closely you will see running water
And waste management.
Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the snack and beverage station.
Please note that we use only the best and finest china for meal service.

And may I just take a moment to bless the socks off the good people at Green Giant who make the finest in haute cuisine- cooked on only one burner.

Thank you for touring my kitchen.

We are taking orders if you would like one just like mine.


Trish said...

I bet the neighbors LOVE it!

Is the other one almost done?

Kat said...

How close are you to having a REAL kitchen? You know, selling houses with outdoor kitchens seems to be the thing. Maybe you should leave yours outside, you know, as an investment ;-)

This would not work for me. Because I am afraid of the gas grill.

lee ann said...

Yes it is amazing what one can work with. This is going to make that new kitchen just that much sweeter.

Janean Campbell said...

Oh me oh my...this cracks me up...but if it works...that's all that truly matters.