Monday, August 4, 2008


I've been camping.
Because in addition to having no kitchen, I also needed no bed.
And no walls.
And no vacuum cleaner.
And no bath tub.

We did have quite an adventure. I ordered pictures to show you, but they may take a couple of weeks to get here.

We left home on Wednesday and camped in Easton, WA. Plan A was to go the the yurt on Friday. But alas, plan A never works for us. We usually don't even have a plan- let alone A and B. Actually, plan A was to go to the coast. The weather had other ideas. We decided to go east. I guess that makes it plan C that we ended up in Leavenworth. We met up with our friends on Thursday and camped at 8 Mile Campground. Except for the pit toilets it was a nice place. The tent sites were sand- better than dust- and the sites were far apart. Our 8 kids were able to play without running through other people's camp sites. We stayed until Sunday before we headed home.

Friday and Saturday we spent rafting. Because we own a purple Aire whitewater raft. Wanna come sometime? We might begin taking reservations for next year if we get enough takers....

Friday we rafted from Leavenworth to Peshastin. We followed the company that Sebastian and I went with in May.

Saturday we started off solo. We went from Peshastin to Cashmere. About 1/2 way there is a dam. There was another company going down from the dam so we shadowed them the rest of the way.
What a BLAST. Our kids groan when we tell them we are taking the raft out. If we do flat water the whine the whole time about how boring it is. There was no whining this time! A lot of holding on tight and "tucking in" as we blasted through some great rapids, but no whining.
A lot of horse play on the still, deep water, but no whining. Some good lunch, many dips in the river to (ahem) pee, but no whining.
I brought home a couple of souvenirs. They are purple. And they hurt. You shouldn't stand in a raft. On the thwart. In shallow water. While drifting toward a large rock.
Our friend, the dad of the other family, was the only other swimmer of the day. He didn't think we were serious when we told him he had to cram his feet into the boat really hard. In his defense, though, I was sitting across from him, and I ended up inside the boat when he fell out the other side. He ended up riding the rapid all the way to the bottom. At least he caught the chicken line and remembered the swimmer's position.
Impressive, really, that we didn't have any kids that ended up as swimmers. This trip was Jesse's first turn at the paddle. When we take just our kids we have to take the rowing frame. I don't like it as well since it is not as responsive in demanding situations as paddles are.

We also spent some time playing mini golf, sleeping on the ground, eating at the world's BEST Italian restaurant, sleeping on the ground, roasting s'mores, sleeping on the ground, and generally enjoying each other's company in a place that most people never see because they are stuck in the tourist HELL that is Leavenworth.

It is good to be home.
Sleeping in my bed.
Next to my bathroom.
That has a shower.
Even if I have no kitchen yet.

I'll have to show you an update soon.


Debbie said...

Camping??? CAmping?? I hate camping...but the whole scenario you just laid out sounded like so much fun and I'm a teensy weensy bit jealous of your CAMP trip. I'm usually all hey, that camp site is nice bu keep driving to the Marriott and let's get room service. I am looking forward to some pics!

Cookie said... very favorite...NOT! Only with you! Love eating my dirt food you made me! lol

Kat said...

I'm with Debbie. Holiday Inn is about as rough as I want to get. My husband was an Eagle Scout...and really wanted me to go camping. So, we got a tent and went. And the place he picked...well the tent sites were gravel. And we had no air mattress. I slept in the car. And demanded to go home at 5am. Yeah...uh...never again!

Gina said...

First of all, Andreena, You can't call it camping when we each had our own queen sized bed. It was more like a hoel room without the hotel. Secondly, IT WAS DARK!

Princess Kat, I did threaten to sleep in the car after I bruised my hieney, and I should have, too. I hurt so bad that I barely slept and I was a grouch the next day.

Debbie, I never imagined that you camped. Never. Especially since there are no showers where we camp.

Lula! said...

So THIS is where you've been. I was missin' ya!

I'm with Kat and camping for me, please. Me + No Shower= A need for CDC intervention. I'm just sayin'.