Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself

Mostly because I don't sleep well alone.
Sebastian and the big kids headed out for a mountain adventure today. They are off to climb Mt. Adams. This is the first climb he has taken Caleb and Libby on. Jesse Climbed Mt. Baker with him last year. They didn't summit because Jess had no crampons. This year he chose Adams because there is no glacier. I know he is hoping the four of them summit this year.
Which leaves me in bed alone until late Sunday night/ early Monday morning. Sort of.
I told Abby she could sleep with me tonight and tomorrow it will be Jonah's turn....

In the mean time, I made a mental list:

  • Hang curtains in the girls' bedroom.
  • Hang shelf in kitchen powder room.
  • Blog.
  • Clean out the Nasty Blue Beast aka the truck
  • Pick up trash from the yard.
  • Paint red in my kitchen?
  • Blog.
  • Find a table for my TV.
  • Read Blogs.
  • Go to church.
  • Go to a Princess House party.
  • Organize the kids' drawers (Especially Libby's)..
  • Clean all 4 bathrooms. *** I didn't get all 4 of these done, but I scrubbed 3 toilets, and 4 sinks, and swept 3 floors. I'll just pretend the other bathroom is clean.
  • Blog.
  • Fix my two broken drawers.
  • Clean my office.
  • Do Laundry.
  • Read Blogs.
  • Give Mirror to Kelly.
  • Blog.
  • Put all of Sebastian's tools in his office.
  • Clean out the garage so my car will fit in again.
  • Blog.
  • Completely clean both kids' bedrooms.
  • Sleep a little.

I'll have to let you know how much of this I actually get done. You know, now that I wrote it all down, I'm kinda' committed to at least 1/2 of it. Since Abby is in my bed, I think I will start with the curtains in her fishbowl bedroom.

8/24- Man I'm tired! All the things that are crossed off got done. I also hung the shelf in my laundry room, watched a movie, remembered to feed my kids occasionally, and went to my mom's to help her with some computer stuff. And, through it all, I managed to not neglect my friends on the other end of the modem. Because I am always thinking of you. I'm conscientious like that.

I talked to my husband and he should be home any time now, so I am going to BED, knowing that I will be able to sleep tonight!


Gramma 2 Many said...

Comment, comment, comment, comment.

Lee Ann said...

Woahh! You're a go-getter! Keep us posted on what you got done!

Kat said...

I love to do lists. That act of crossing things out just feels so wonderful. I love throwing a list in the trash, knowing it's complete. But it's more likely that it's in the trash because I keep adding to the list and it's just easier to start it on another sheet of paper...