Friday, August 15, 2008

It's Almost Orgasmic!

He-LLO, Beautiful!
You've been steppin out on me for the last month or so,
But now your back,
And I am as in love with you as ever!

I see you 've brought some friends home with you. That's OK. There's enough love to go around! And that is just dead sexy!
We got a little bump and GRIND going on in the kitchen.
And this one is here to stay. No more nonsense about needing to detach for a while or about how it needs to be free wheelin'.I am going to sleep tonight with a smile on my face!


Trish said...

Wow, who knew appliances could be, dare I say, dirty?

as in sexy.

although they could use a good wipe down and I'm thinking that with five kids that stainless steel will always need a good wipedown.

Heather said...

So shiny and sparkly!