Thursday, January 24, 2008

Why Do I Own Sharpies???

I have a stash of sharpie markers. I consider them an absolute necessity for running my home.
Sebastian HATES them. He goes on a search and (almost) destroy mission when he sees my box out.
"Why do you even own these?!?!?!" He will ask through clenched teeth.
(Huh, there used to be more. Office Depot, here I come!)

Here is why I own sharpies:

  • Because I like 'em! I have a slight office supply fetish.

  • Because every child in our house has an assigned color (toothbrush, towel, dishes, etc.) and if I can't get it in their color I can at least write it in their color. They all learned to read and spell their own names through color association.
  • Because all socks at our house- except for the mom and dad ones- are marked on the sole with an initial. You can't do that with color crayon or ball point pen! It makes matching all those white (the principal color) socks much easier.

  • Because I have 2 girls who are the same size and insist on matching- but "We're NOT twins!" I label a lot of their clothes with an initial on the tag.
  • Because at the beginning of the school year EVERYTHING (including your kid's left butt cheek) needs to be signed or labeled.

  • Because the micro tip ones are perfect for signing your credit/debit cards- again, way better than ball point!

  • Because when my kid comes home from school saying, "Oh, Mom, tomorrow is Western Day at school. I wanna dress up." I can whip up a couple of these babies!



Notice the fine "stitching"


Kris said...

You Rock! You and I are much the same. I love office supplies, only I don't have and office and don't have work to do in an office!

Gina said...

Kinda funny, since we always thought you were adopted!

Kris said...

Some scars are better left unpicked!