Thursday, January 3, 2008

What, Oh What, Have I Done?!?!

I have always prided myself that I was one of the few moms in the world whose kids had unscheduled time from 3:30 to 6:00 pm. The extent of our involvement in after school activities has always been just AWANA. I could justify that because A) It's church, #2) I remember it as being a lot of fun, and Lastly) they all did it together.
Just yesterday I had my kids pretested for swim class which starts next week. After the test I ENROLLED four of them in the appropriate classes. Then I came home and started filling in my calendar for January. I do keep a master schedule for my family on the kitchen wall.
Oh boy! Tuesday now looks like this:
7:00 am Jesse leaves for school.
8:40 am Caleb and Elizabeth leave for school.
8:45 am Abigail, Jonah, and Mommy leave for Mops.
12:45 pm Abigail, Jonah, and Mommy come home from Mops, eat lunch, take naps, fold laundry....
2:40 pm Jesse comes home from school. Start the daily homework struggle (I get mad as he stalls. I get madder, he stalls more....).
3:30 pm Caleb comes home from school. Libby goes to rock climbing club.
4:30 pm Pick Libby up from rock climbing club.
5:00 pm Take kids to swim lessons.
5:30 pm Rush home to change, eat dinner.
6:30 pm Rush to AWANA.
7:00 to 8:15 pm Veg at my computer, go on a date with my husband, or run errands.
8:30 pm Pick up kids from AWANA and scoot them home for a snack and bed.
What, oh what, have I done.

At least this is the way it will be for January. Libby will be done with rock climbing club at the end of the month- but there is always the chance that Caleb could be drawn for a slot in the next session of it. In February I will try to get Monday-Wednesday lessons instead of Tuesday-Thursday.

Oh well. I want them to swim this summer. I said it myself!


Trish said...

You've GONE NUTS!!!!!!!!!!

It will be fine, what's one day? There are 6 others in the week for you to stay at home cleaning your house, ironing clothes, paying the bills, baking homemade cookies, and creating from scratch meals.
Besides, what fun will we have at Great Wolf this year if your kids can't swim??

Gina said...

It's Thursdays also. I will work Thurs, pick Jonah up from daycare, and then run to swim! I would love it if I actually had time to iron and bake cookies. Lately, it seems all I have time for is herding wild geese!