Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Especially For Lee Ann

Dining Room

I tried to install my printer which will just upload my pictures straight to "my pictures", but alas, there is something wrong with the full feature driver. I had to install the software that goes with my camera and take the long way around the problem. Here you go, Lee Ann.
The Last ones are Jonah being cute because I got my camera out.


Trish said...

ooohhhlala! I know those pictures were for LeeAnn, but what about me? It look s really good. The goofy boy standing on the chair is the cutest part.

Kris said...

Looks good G.

Lee Ann said...

O! They look so good! Can I come over for dinner?

Thanks for posting the pics....and just for me too! :-)

Gina said...

Are you cooking? Then yes, you can come. We seat 10 and we have another table that will seat 6.