Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Brain Fart

I was so prepared yesterday! I was so proud of myself! I got dinner ready and then got the kids to swim lessons right on time- uh, make that a half hour early.
The original plan was make dinner, go to swim, come home and eat, then go to church. In reality it went something like this:
"Ok, kiddos! get in the car we have to go to swim... NOW!"
"Ma'am, your kids are in our next class."
"Uh...Ok. Sit down. Stop running. Take your toes out of the water. "
"Mom, I'm Bored. And since I had to take a shower to get into the pool, I'm cold."
"I know, baby."
"Hey, sit down. You too, and you!"
"Mom, how much longer?"
"15 minutes."
"No, baby, you have to sit on mommy. I don't want you to fall in."
"Hey, sit down. No. Stop."
"Mom, how much longer?"
"Um, 5 minutes."
"That's no so long, is it mom?"
"Okay, I need Elizabeth, Caleb, and Abigail!"
"Okay, Jesse, Over here!"
Swim, swim, swim
"Ok guys go get changed and hurry because we still have to eat!"
"Mom! Mom! Hey Mom! I can't find my underwear!"
"I know, you dropped it out here."
"Well could you bring it to me?"
"Uh, no, that's the men's locker room. Come get it."
"I'm already naked!"
"Never mind. Girls? Are you ready? Hurry please!"
"Ok, mom. I'm ready. I just went commando."
"Great. Here take these. Girls, I'm leaving!"
RUN to the car!
Eat dinner as fast as ravenous wolves.
Find AWANA books and vests.
Drive (a little) too fast to church.
Whew. Only 15 minutes late!

Ok, so I learned that dinner has to be before swim on Tuesdays, and I should bring a snack for the ride to church!

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Lee Ann said...

My swim lessons with Anna (and Sarah in tow) ended up being a nightmare. I feel your pain.