Friday, October 17, 2008

The Ladies

Hot Tub Lizzie calls her girls "The Ladies."
I think this is a fitting description. So I'm stealing it.

Anyway, last night The Ladies and I went out to do a little shopping (Would you people stop having birthdays already? It's getting expensive!) and we found ourselves in the utopia that is Target. We wandered. And wandered. And wandered. And finally we found ourselves in the dishes. Now, you know where they keep all the kitchen gadgets? Yeah, that's one of my favorite displays. So Libby spies these babies:

And squeals out in delight, "Mom, look at these teeny pans!"
After 5 kids, it's really hard not to wet yourself when one of them says something so funny!

Later in the check out line, Abby decides to buy herself some Ice Breakers. Yeah.
Have you ever stood in line behind one of those dear, sweet ladies who is so old that if they move more than 3 inches per minute they will literally crack and flake apart? Those same ladies who will dig for exact change for the $3.72 purchase they are making -in pennies? The same ones who have purses as big as barns- and just as full?
Well, Abigail happens to have a tiny purse. Crammed full of stuff. And change.

Funny Pics / Grandma Fight


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

First of all, I am SOOOO honored to share the title of "The Ladies" with you! I know you will use it with pride!

Second - little pans?? HYSTERICAL... made me dribble a little pop down my shirt.

Third - You mean those little old ladies with quaduple-focal glasses that when they look up at you from their 4 foot 11 inch hight just right, it looks like they have 8 eyeballs? Yeah... I know the type :)

Therese said...

Too funny!!! Those are sweet!

Have you heard from your Mom?

Julie said...

so funny, thanks for sharing!

JourneytoFamily said...

Little pans!!! Hilarious!!!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

You are too funny....guess where I was this week....a target with a starbucks in it, with the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains surrounding us. I wanted to take a picture for my blog, but it didn't happen. Bummer - it was utopia. :)

JourneytoFamily said...

You live THAT close to Forks? You need to read the books (even if you don't win them from me) and then drive to Forks and take lots of pictures!

Kat said...

I love the little pans. What a cute idea for measuring cups. And can you not find just the most wonderful things that you MUST have when at Tar-jay?

Lee Ann said...

that is really funny! Thanks for the laugh.

Lula! said...

TEENY PANS! She rocks.

But so does that graphic of the little old ladies beating each other to death. What a way to start my day. Thanks, make me smile!

Heather said...

The old ladies are PRICELESS. I watch it over and over just to laugh. What ARE they thinking? Maybe one stole the other one's teeny pans. Which, by the way, is so precious. Nothin' like girls' night out at Tarjay.

Debbie said...

That is hilarious Gina!