Thursday, October 9, 2008

Anybody Need Some Excitement? Come On Over!

Tonight I decided to take Jesse and go out for a while to do some birthday stuff. Jesse has a birthday party to go to during the day tomorrow, Caleb's birthday party is tomorrow evening, and my niece's birthday party is on Sunday. Somehow, our quick and dirty escape was foiled and we ended up with the other 2 boys as well. I was not excited. Not yet.

The excitement came when we got home. I had only just walked in the door and set my few groceries on the counter when I heard my husband's muffled voice. It sounded like he said, "We have a problem down here." And it sounded like he was laying on the floor. I knew his back had been hurting him when he got home from work, so I went to see if that problem was his back.

I rounded the corner and nearly fell over Sebastian. Yes, he was on the floor. No, it didn't appear to be his back. He was peering under our stairs.

"Um, what did you say?"

"I said we have a possum down here."

"How did it get under there? Be careful. They bite. They carry diseases. Kids, move! Stand on the steps! Honey!" I was losing my cool.

"Don't worry it's just a baby. It crawled up from the hole in the floor."

"The one in the kitchen?" The one that used to vent the dryer in the laundry room that is no longer there. That bothersome hole right in the middle of the walkway where Jonah was dangling his foot earlier this evening?! That same hole that I can't keep covered no matter what I tape over it? You mean that hole?!

"Yes. Could you help me, I'm going to try to push it out. Somehow."

MacGuyver SuperSebastian finally rigged up a noose on a really long pole with a climbing rope, a caribiner, and some duct tape. He managed to slip it around his baby possum and began to drag it from under the stairs. I got one look at that thing's hand/paw and flipped my lid.


Meanwhile as he is dragging that possum out from under the stairs it is hissing and grabbing at the noose and fighting for all it is worth. I wish it had just played possum- but no. I smacked a garbage pail over Mr. Possum and we managed to drag that thing out the door, down the walk, and let it go in the street. Now that was exciting!

I used some duct tape to tape two layers over the hole and then topped it off with a sturdy piece of cardboard. That ought to hold for a few days....


Gramma 2 Many said...

EWWW! 'nuf said.

Desi said...

o..m...g. That would have sent me screeching and running for the nearest chair. EW! And nooo, that's definately not a baby.


Lauren W said...

Oh my... I found a possum in my laundry room once. I totally know that moment of "What?!". I'm glad that you got it all wrangled outside :)

Trish said...

I woke up the other morning very early to take some Vicodin (my back is out again) and as i was standing at the kitchen sink I peered out the window and there was FOUR set of shiny eyes staring right back at me!! I thought it was the drugs but then I realized I had not taken them yet, so I focused my eyes and there were FOUR HUGE RACOONS just standing there on my deck. ackkkk.........

glad they weren't under my house!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

That's a little more excitement than I can stand! The tail grosses me out. I have a fear of rodents and I definitely put possums in that category! Glad you guys survived!

JourneytoFamily said...

Oh man... I can't stand possums! They're always coming around to eat our cat food. I once went after one with a bat... oh wait.. maybe I shouldn't talk about that. ;)

Lady Dorothy said...

Oh, my! That's a bit more than exciting!

Thanks for visiting my place on our BATW tour! Nice to see you again, too!

Tracy P. said...

Oh no...I'm thinking dull is good!

Lee Ann said...

That is definitely excitement I don't want at my house!