Monday, October 6, 2008


**I found an old book of poetry. I think I wrote this about 15 years ago.**

In this chasm of my mind
Where daydreams often form,
I sit and think of future
And days still yet unborn.
My mind is laying tracks
that can never be retraced,
and what those tracks may fall on
can never be replaced.
My steps fell in with yours
As we met along the way,
And for that very reason
I just wanted to say,
"Welcome to my chasm
My daydreams belong to you
Please keep them safe and secure for me
each is a treasure new."
Join me on my journey
As through my mind I pass,
And walk the path that fate has laid
Until our very last.


Therese said...

How beautiful! Visitng from your Mom's blog! I will be back!

Desi said...

Wow. That's really awesome.