Saturday, December 27, 2008

Well, That Was, Um...Interesting.

No matter how you chose to celebrate your Christmas, I'll bet you ours was more, um...interesting.

Not having anything else to do on Christmas eve day, we took off to Leavenworth to go sledding. The drive is about 3 hours- without potty stops.

Once we got there, the girls and I decided to check out the few shops that were still open, and when we had seen what we wanted we joined the boys for sledding. The town hill is actually pretty fun-except I don't sled. I can't see throwing myseld down a hill at break neck speed anymore. Anyway, my family can't afford to have me laid up. I sure have become a fuddy-duddy in my not-so-old-age.

After sledding, my husband hijacked us- and we went to the yurt. Which I have mentioned is like sleeping in a glorified shopping bag. He said it was not premeditated, but I don't know- he was awfully prepared....

Any way, it was about 15 degrees when we got there- but we managed to warm it up to about 50 degrees for the night. Sebastian was nice enough to let me sleep with the heating blanket, and I think I would have slept OK except that I also slept with Jonah- who is all knees and elbows at night. Despite all of that, I think I got more sleep than Sebastian, who was up feeding the fire everytime I woke up.

We went out to Brunch at Shari's in Wenatchee and then back to Leavenworth for more sledding. I did get some great sled pictures.

I hope you had a fun time on your special day!


Kat said...

I can't believe you basically went camping in all that snow! And I just can't relate to all that snow either. Ya'll are much hardier than I :-)

Trish said...

She's much heartier than me too!

Yep, no way in HEdoublehockeysticks that I would have agreed to that. The great thing is that MY husband would never agree to that either, so i don't ever have to worry!

Looks like fun for you guys though!

Susie said...

Yeah...that's awesome! I wouldn't have made it through the night:-)

cookie said...

You DO know we have a Great hill in our town too...don't you? And we did have LOTS of snow!!! Did you really have to go that far for sledding, or was it just a ploy to get you to the glorified shopping bag?? (cost less to stay at home)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

That sounds like a great family day!

I've always wanted to try camping in a yurt...but we never have done that. The glorified shopping bag comment made me laugh out loud! said...

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