Sunday, December 21, 2008

Evolution 2

If you recall, we started with this:

So, from phase 1 we went to phase 2. As part of a whole house remodel we got an attached 2 car garage, moved the powder room, we gained a large entry (originally we conceived this as a breakfast room, but we just didn't live that way, so the table became the dumping ground for all our junk as we came and went.), and a family room that can double as a MIL apartment with it's kitchenette and 3/4 bath. Also in this remodel I gained a master bath off of my monstrously huge bedroom.

The kitchen stayed almost the same. We took the large bank of cabinets from one side and turned the bottom unit around to the other side of the room. The cabinets stayed the same, but we did discover the original fir floors under the hideous peal and stick tiles. The fir only ran part of the way through the kitchen. That bump out in the last post was added some time later, and the addition was camouflaged by hideous tile. Badly, I might add.

With a little creativity and some fir we salvaged from the laundry room (that had to be leveled- and took 6 bags of leveling compound) we put together a wood/tile combo kitchen that didn't look too weird. And we lived with it. For a LONG time.

In 2003, Sebastian went to Argentina to climb Mt. Aconcagua. Sine I don't sleep well when he is gone, I had a month of late evenings on my hands. I went to visit all of my sisters, and then I refinished my kitchen cabinets and put new hardware on them.

This is a blue print for #2

And it got ugly in that remodel...that took about 3 years to finish...

Gone, baby gone. Goodbye you hideous waste of space!

Off came the roof of the bad bump out to make way for my master bathroom.

Here is the new garage entrance, the new powder room, and off to the left, the stairs to the new family room.

The new entry and deck, and Jesse looks like he's about 5 here.

This is how the addition ties into our old house. Right above the door is my master bath.

And then this was what we had.

Stay tuned for the big reveal tomorrow- assuming the 1 1/2 feet of snow here doesn't put the power out again.

And keep looking at the first post and trying to be sharp! I fully expect one of my family members to figure it out- but I may just tell you if someone doesn't get it soon!

And then I'll have to eat that Symphony bar myself.


Lula! said...

I'm ready for the big reveal. Ready, ready, ready. Please.

Karen said...

I need to come over when it is not so slick on the roads!!
I miss you.
I'm sure I'll need to refamiliarize myself with your new kitchen, say with some tea, before school starts again!?!

Gina said...

Um, or after?

Kat said...

I cannot wait for the big reveal!

And here is my guess on the "secret" contest. It's more of a comment on the first picture in the previous post. It looks like two pictures smooshed together because on the left it looks like branches of a tree coming from nowhere. And I love the Bush sign - in a tree...

Gina said...

Hey! Kat Wins! I expected my family to get it, because the top has my husband on the roof, and the bottom has him on the ground. I guess none of my family is as sharp as Princess Kat. I beleive I have your address- look for your symphony bar in the mail!

Trish said...

Well, aint Kat a SHARP one!!

Kat I never would have known or figured that out, except I called her today and demanded that she tell me lest I have to beat her up.

Great sleuthing Kat!

Trish said...

you do know that when you start a series of posts it is bad form to make your readers wait for more than 24 hours for the next post........

unless of course you are Pioneer Woman, in which case you can do whatever you darn well please.

However you are not PW so reveal already. And I mean that in the most loving way possible.

JourneytoFamily said...

Wow, I can't wait for the big reveal!!! said...

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