Saturday, December 20, 2008

Faith Building Exercises

I've been busy. I may have mentioned that. So busy that I haven't even been able to tell you that we have gotten a foot of snow in the last week. At our house. At 0' Elevation. Well, we have.
Yesterday, my brave husband ventured forth into the white world. He was gone almost 3 hours for a 1 hour trip.... When he got back he was SOOOO cold. He said the car never warmed up. Now, I don't know anything about cars. You get in, you turn your key, and you drive away. The end. When he mentioned that about the car, I casually mentioned that he should probably add some anti freeze. What do I know?
Last night the kids were going a little stir crazy, so we decided to take them rollerskating. We figured that the rink would be pretty empty and we were right. We left the rink at 10 pm and then Sebastian decided that a movie was in order- since we were out and all. We stopped by the mall to watch Bolt (Side note: I wasn't all that thrilled. My 6 year old had a hard time following the story because it switches between a TV set and "real" life. My 4 year old didn't really watch it at all- he nearly fell asleep in my lap.)
After the movie, at midnight, We headed home. I can't be sure, but I think the temperatures were in the teens last night. As we were driving along, freezing our butts off, the car started to over heat! Huh? It's less than 20 degrees out there!
We hobbled along on a side road until we got about 1/2 way home. We had to stop and let the engine cool for about 10 minutes. And it was cold. And it was almost 1 am. And the children were starting to whine.
In one of my prouder parenting moments, I told them all that whining wouldn't help but praying would, and that if they wanted to say something they should say a prayer. Immediately a little chorus of, "I already did!" rang out from the back seats. I reminded them that God knew where we were and exactly what we needed.
No sooner were the words out of my mouth, than a local man stopped by to help us. He and Sebastian checked the radiator and there was NOTHING in it. He went back to his house and picked up a bottle of antifreeze and a gallon of water while we continued to hobble down the road. When he returned, he filled us up and we were on our way.
The heater kicked on, the window defrosted, and we had our toasty children in their beds in 12 minutes.

John Anderson, Thank you for being an answer to our prayers last night.

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.Hebrews 13:1-3


Trish said...


and you guys are funny~ roller skating AND a movie!
(you should have seen Desperaux)

thank the Lord for kind strangers!

Kat said...

I am so glad that you had answering angels on your way home. Car stuff makes me crazy :-)

I am thinking we might go and see Bolt tomorrow. I wanted to see Tale of Desperaux - because the book was sooo good - but the reviews show that the translation to the big screen may not be so hot.

Lee Ann said...

What a story! And to think he stopped in the middle of the night to help someone. Thank God he responded to that little voice that said "stop". Glad you all made it home safely!

And a movie and skating! Holy cow. I can't even imagine the day when I would attempt that! :-) Maybe someday.

Julie said...

praise God he stopped to help you! What a blessing... sounds like you all had a fun night too!