Saturday, December 20, 2008


1.any process of formation or growth; development: the evolution of a language; the evolution of the airplane.
2.a product of such development; something evolved: The exploration of space is the evolution of decades of research.
3.Biology. change in the gene pool of a population from generation to generation by such processes as mutation, natural selection, and genetic drift.
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8.Mathematics. the extraction of a root from a quantity.
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All pictures circa 2000.

This is pretty much what the house looked like when we bought it.
We took out the cherry tree in the front yard, and we built the fence just after we moved in.
The back had a funny addition built onto it, a detached garage, and a carport large enough to park out motor home.

The blue print shows the layout of kitchen #1.
Don't miss all the living that has gone on in the pathetic kitchen.

Jesse, About 2 1/2 years old.
Notice the hideous peel and stick tiles on the floor. Remember those!

Jesse and Sebastian teaching baby Caleb to walk
Caleb about 11 months old.

Yes, son, I do see you on the counter.

Baby Caleb, about 10 months old.

Our VERY boring dining room.

There is a secret contest to go with this post. It is so secret that I can't even tell you the rules- but you may figure it out anyway- If you're really sharp.
The prize? Think chocolate.


Trish said...

apparantly I'm not that sharp........

but I forgot that your kitchen ever looked like that!

more pictures please!!!!!!!!!

Kat said...

I am not that sharp either. But I cannot wait to see the changes...

Lee Ann said...

Oh you know I love remodel pics! So glad you had all the pictures to not only document your life, but also the old kitchen. Out with the with the new!

Gramma 2 Many said...
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Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Does it have to do with dancing on the counter tops? Cause I'll totally do that to win chocolate.

Trish said...

the only thing I notice is that there is a random picture of Jesse, when he is much older, in this batch.......

is that sharp?

Gina said...

No, keep trying.

Trish said...

you, sitting in the house on your computer, in that first picture?

or the bush that says 'Bush'?

just tell me already, I don't even like chocolate.

Lula! said...

Wow...y'all have been some busy, remodeling fools for the past almost-decade. Girl...