Sunday, July 22, 2012

Family Camp Out III

One of the most fun group activities was going a town swimming pool.   They had a little water slide and a diving board, a shallow pool for the kiddies, and a regularly deep pool for the bigger and biggest kiddies.

And I realize that even though this was a group activity, I only have pictures of my kids.  I guess I just like them best.           Or, I'm just not very good at thinking outside the photo box.

This was the day that Jesse was sick.  Every time he got vertical, he puked.  Either that, or he only got vertical because he had to puke.  Either way, we left him at the campground with his dad and sleeping baby brother.  He was feeling much better the next day.  I think it must have been a mixture of exhaustion (only home long enough from a vacation with his friend to repack and go camping with us) and heat exhaustion.  I kept him supplied with gatoraid, and he was up the next day.

Sebastian took a bunch of guys on a morning white water run down the river, and took a second bunch on a run in the afternoon when we got back.

And a great time was had by all.

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Another Arrow for Our Quiver said...

What kind of camera did you use? I want to take underwater pictures, but I am always scared to actually put a camera under water - goes against all of my programming! Very cool!