Monday, July 23, 2012

Cousin Camp Day 1

I decided to host Cousin Camp at my house this week.  I don't know why.  Call me crazy.  At least I limited it to the kids that are close in age to my kids.  The kids have 14 cousins on my side ranging in age from 22 to 4.  I don't think I could wrangle and entertain such a diverse group!

Our craft to day was Cousin Camp pillow cases.  They were a hit.  I just used Office Depot iron ons to make the transfers, and had the kids color them before we ironed them in place.  I have no idea how well they will hold up in the long run, but in the short run, they were thrilled.

"But Auntie Gina, I didn't bring a pillow.  I brought a pillow PET."
"Well, let's stick your pillow pet in the pillow case."
"Oh.  OK.  Hey!  He has a sleeping bag, too, now!"

 All the cousins posing for a group shot.

 Tent mates in the younger boy tent

 The girls in the girl tent.

 The older boys in their tent.  Let me assure you that the baby did NOT get to sleep there.

 If I close my eyes then I can't hear you....

The Camp director's Cabin (AKA: The play house)  I dragged a twin bed down there.

Running off our s'mores.
Sharks and Minnows

Red Light, Green Light.

Now, all the tents are blissfully quiet.


Anonymous said...

Good job auntie!!! Cooper will always love the pillow case!


Elena said...

Finally getting back to reading blogs. What a FUN idea to run cousin camp! I wish I had read this before I had to throw 2 family reunions this summer. You had some great ideas.