Friday, April 8, 2011

That's why God Gives Us Two Hands

If you look at the info thingy on the top of my blog it says:
When people ask me how many kids I have I hold up all the fingers on one hand and say, "A handful."
That would be all five of the fingers on one hand. One for each kid.
Except now I need 2 hands.
Yesterday we got a 6th child.
We don't know exactly how long he will be living with us, but while he is here he is going to get loved on real good.
We are crazy about babies.
We are crazy about kids.
We even like 'em when we don't agree with their lifestyle choices.
When we got the call from the very frantic mommy (who herself is like my child), there was no question that we would help her out in any way we possibly could. This is what form that help has taken.
And that is why God gives you two hands- just more fingers to count on.


Frizzy said...

Wonderful news! I am thrilled for all involved and so thankful she was brave enough to know she could turn to you. Just think of how much you all will impact this young woman and her family. Imagine how much you already have to be asked such a wonderful favor.

Anonymous said...

I wondered when you were going to say something about needing two hands. I thought of that yesterday as I left your house. I replayed when you asked why I brought dinner and thought, "Because now you need to use both hands." :o)