Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hurry Up...And Wait

There is something happening around here. Something that I am not at liberty to discuss. Something that will change the complexion of our family. (Don't worry- our family core is strong and that is not what is changing.)
This is the big news I wrote about last time I posted.
It is not something that I persued, rather, something that came looking for me.
I am nervous because this is something I want to happen very much- and at the same time I wish it wasn't happening at all. I am being stretched as a mom, as a friend, and as a Christian who says she is willing to do whatever God tells her to do, to love the way God tells her to love.
There are so many steps in this process, and I feel like we have spent a lot of time in "hurry up...and wait" mode.
Is that cryptic enough or you?
Here's the deal, I need you all to pray.
Pray that our family finds favor in the eyes of God and man and can be used as a vessel of God's love to a broken and hurting world. Also, pray that God will take the mountain before us and command it to be thrown into the sea. Pray for patience, wisdom, and grace.
Thank you.


Frizzy said...

Um I'll help you toss that mountain! I command you to move from here to there!

I know your family. I've seen your strength. I've heard your love for others and have seen it shared and spread across the world. I have no doubt in my mind you will follow God's plan and give Him all the glory when it is finally in place.

As for the title of your post. That is the story of our life. LOL The good news? Insert Sarcasm HERE! Even in the book of Revelation we're told to wait on His perfect timing. It will be just that. PERFECT!

Praying for you and boy oh boy is my curiousity peaked!

Elena said...

I have you in my prayers. Now.....when will you tell us this elusive news?! ;)

Another Arrow for Our Quiver said...

God sure seems to be sending you messages about trusting in His plan lately. And I know that you do - and I pray that He gives you the patience you need to get you through this. Love you!

Ron Joe White said...

I can pray all that and I just did :-)

in Jesus' name amen.