Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The One About Community

Have I ever said how much I love MOPs? Let me just tell you that if you are a mother with children younger than first grade, run, don't walk to your nearest MOPs group. If there isn't one near you, consider starting one. Seriously.
To say that life is a little topsy-turvy right now would be an understatement. We'll adjust, but I am not sure how I would have made the transition to this point with out all my friends. Friends who, not coincidentally, are mostly from MOPs.
From the moment we heard we might be housing this precious little baby, they have been praying about and for Baby D. When we had an arrival date, my friends started collecting the things he needed.
When Baby D came a week earlier than expected, my sister went to my cousin's house and picked up a crib, brought it over and helped set up his room. All that day friends showed up with clothes, toys, and even dinner for my family.
What a blessing to me to have such a community of friends who support each other in every endeavor. I am a rich woman indeed.
Do you need this in your life? Find a MOPs. Find a church. Find a group of women in the same life phase as you are in. Women need each other and we need community.


Another Arrow for Our Quiver said...

Love it! Couldn't agree more! And to those of you considering it - starting a MOPS/ MOMSnext group is attainable.

And yay for baby D!

gramma2many said...

So now we have Big D, Little D, and Baby D:)

Frizzy said...

Just reading Baby D brings back lots of hard memories for me. I'm thrilled for you don't get me wrong. What are the chances?! Seriously!

I'm so happy you all have been lifted up and greeted with such love and support. God is good!

Elena said...

Wow! A baby in the house! Nothing is great and more of a challenge. Best of luck to you. I'm so glad you have dear friends to help support you. Praying that you're getting the sleep you need!