Monday, April 19, 2010


  • We had a citizenship party for Sebastian this weekend. I love a good party. This as a good one. We had about 25 adult guests show up. About half of that was my family, a few were friends we have made in the last few years, but the rest were people that had invested into his life way back when. It was so exciting to see some of those people again after such a long time.
  • My house has a hang over. Still. Post party let down, where you keep discovering paper plates in the bushes, really does me in.
  • I have been working on a cabinet for a client of Sebastian's. I hate the way it is coming out. I think it is because I have had to squeeze in the time to do it around other things. Now I need to sand and refinish the doors. I asked Sebastian to bring them home so I can work on them here. I think that will make them look better. I really do.
  • My sister, Trish, came down from Alaska for a few days. We planned the party for the weekend she was here. I'm glad she got to come, but that left me not free to run around doing the "sister" things. She went home today.
  • We all got together to have lunch today, but I didn't get to stay long enough due to the afore mentioned cabinet.
  • I think I need to sleep for a whole day. Preferably on a blanket in the sunshine. Unfortunately, I think I missed my opportunity for that today. I hear it may rain tomorrow.
  • Meh.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the party! And for coming to lunch. I'll be back, we'll do sisterly things then.

What are sisterly things?

Elena said...

I have MISSED you!!! And my house has a hangover too.....a winter hangover. There is so much trash in my back yard, it's sort of resembles a dump.

Kris said...

Oh, I threw my test over the railing into the driveway and forgot to pick it up. SORRY!