Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Red (,White, and Blue) Letter Day

Three letters. actually.
After nearly 13 years, our family has reached a major milestone. And when I say "our family," I really mean the whole family. Almost 13 years ago we sat in the Federal Building with our infant son and interviewed for a green card. About a year later, and pregnant with our second son, I watched the proceedings in INS court. We were blissfully unaware when we started our proceedings that there were open orders for deportation. I sat in that court room, surrounded by family and friends, prepared to say goodbye to every one of them. I didn't have to.
Another year later, the green card finally arrived in the mail.
We rode that peaceful ride for 10 years- until this year when it was time for my husband's green card to expire.
Jesse, the baby we took to the initial interview, is almost 13. He did the initial work of finding the right form, downloading and printing it out.
I filled it out as much as I could, filed paperwork for Sebastian, and made MANY copies.
Sebastian, of course, did all the interviewing.
There are a few small details like a passport and registering to vote that still need taken care of, but we are glad have gotten to this resting point on the journey!


jbjzgirl said...

Way to go Sebastian!

Kris said...

Yay! We are very proud of you Seb. Your a good man. The kind this country needs.

Jennifer said...

Praise God!!!

gramma2many said...

Your MIL is so proud of you!! Now you can help us retire he Socialists who have taken over our government.

Frizzy and Bird said...

You have a huge support team here in CA that is so excited to hear this news. I can only imagine what peace and pride this brings to you and your entire family. YEAH!

Julie said...

what a blessing!

Homestay Mama said...

Congratulations to a most deserving man--and his family!